Where is Shaun Stenning Now? is He Still Peddling His Versed Scams?

By | November 13, 2013

Where is Shaun Stenning now? Yes, the infamous hated online scammer Shaun Stenning now goes by the name of John Phanchalad. A new fresh image behind the deplorable actions of an emotionally bankrupt scammer as every well knows. So where is Shaun Stenning? He lives with his (not quite legally married wife) Lisa Phanchalad in Bang Tao, Phuket Thailand. To be more exact his last known address is, 1821 Moo5 Cherngtalay, Talang, Phuket Thailand (Postal Code : 83110) and contact number is +66.0873874771 (alisa.odesk@gmail.com).

Given his fear of returning to Australia as to avoid likely cyber-crime charges, or even more likely a series of people that want private justice with this bloke, he has decided to hide in Phuket, Thailand under the (protective facade) of some Muslim family members that are related to his ex bar girl wife, Sa Phanchalad, aka Lisa Phanchalad.

So guys, do you want to know what is he doing now? is he still peddling his versed scams? Yes, he is still peddling his well versed scams but under a new image (John Phanchalad as CEO of JP Digital Tech). But still the same BS that continues to attract many who dream of a better life thru their efforts in the Online World.

Only to find themselves swindled in a myriad of ways by this PATHALOGICAL LIAR. His brother, another scammer and coward are interestingly married to Shauns wife Lisa Phanchalad. Her name is Dada Phanchalad. They all live under the I Quote (protection) of their wives Muslim family members. Why are they there and feel this sense of untouchable protection? Because there ongoing thieving affords some money to there new Muslim family members in returning for collaborating with their crimes and (turning the cheek). Its absolutely shameful!

Now you already know where the position of Shaun Stenning is, if you’ve cheated by Shaun Stenning, you can find him in Thailand. Good luck and share to others.

Latest John Phanchalad photos will available soon.

Another fact about Shaun Stenning and his new scam program :
The people behind JP Digital Tech

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