Shaun Stenning Twitter Cash Machine Scam Report, Facts!

By | November 8, 2013

Shaun Stenning AKA John Phanchalad is a con man who really made a lot of people upset, he have a lot of victims through the program that he used, such as the TCM program (Twitter Cash Machine). If we have to tell the truth, Phanchalad / Stenning actually has made many people angry, he offers a program that looks so interesting, but in the real world, the TCM program has stolen our money. To view this painful fact, let’s look at someone who have posted about TCM on his site. This time, we will see this facts from our brother called Vendy Xiao, he came from Indonesia. Vendy Xiao actually have posted about TCM scam, but as a blog owner who also feel hate against scam program, it is appropriate that we write this article on the You should better check Vendy Xiao site about TCM here :

There are so many facts and many interesting words that we have read in the Vendy Xiao personal website (, but there are some points that we can share with you here.
The scam program which it has been used by Vendy is Twitter Cash Machine, or abbreviated as TCM. Vendy has purchased this program from Shaun Stenning, of course it using the real money that is not small. At the first time, the TCM program shows no fraud signs, even in the early, this program looks go very well, and very tempting for anyone who wants to earn a lot of money by quickly. However, almost the same as another scam program that we’ve ever found, TCM which it has owned by Phanchalad also shows a very strange phenomenon when it’s making a payment to his victims. Hope you know that the scam program usual show our revenue at the program accounts that they manage, but at the time of payment, they will never pay you!! Although maybe finally they will pay you, but you will never get the money in real.

shaun stenning TCM scam program report

shaun stenning TCM scam program report

Well, let’s back to the victim, Vendy has started this program at the beginning of 2009, at the first time, he could earn $ 451 with only 1/2 months. But, he felt a lot of strange things on his Twitter account. In short, after several complaints against Shaun Stenning, Vendy still does not receive the money that he was supposed to get through Paypal. Many reasons given by Shaun Stenning aka John Phanchalad to cheat prosecuted, including Vendy. Just like other scam programs, they usually give the reasons that make no sense, like status of: a program is error, there is a problem on account of payment, there are problems in the systems, even Vendy got fraud click reason, what?

shaun stenning scam program commented

The point that we can get from: is , there does not look a good intentions, there is no available for fast solutions that it should offered by John Phanchalad AKA Shaun Stenning to his victims. Although the victims including Vendy has received the promises about payment, but in the end, the money is never coming to his victims. By the report which it has written by Vendy, we also found many commentators who gave a statement that the TCM program which it administered by Stenning is really a scam program.

What should we learn from this experience? First, if you are interested to participate in a program , you have to learn the program first, and the second is, if the program is a program that you should to buy, then you should really make sure that the program is completely safe and is not involved in cases of fraud/scam program. The program to earn the money through Twitter which is offered by Shaun Stenning is actually looks so good, but behind all of that, when your money entered to Shaun Stenning wallet, then it would be difficult for us to get it back. Scam programs usually have a lot of names and also trick, and Shaun Stenning also not only have the TCM program, there are so many others, such as Geekversity, or the new JP Digital Tech site which it now run by John Phanchalad aka Shaun Stenning is another scam program, you should be aware. If you have a question about the scam, you can create a suggestion or question in the comments field below, thanks. (image via Vendy site)

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