I’m Shaun Stenning AKA John Phanchalad

By | November 4, 2013

Hi, I’m Shaun Stenning AKA now John Phanchalad, CEO JP Digital Tech.

I’ve been an online SCAMMER misleading companies just like yours for over 12 years. I’m the same guy as before but now I go by a new and improved image. Rest assured I’m still pulling the same scams, so take home time to get to know me and I’m sure you will find multiple ways that I will relieve you of your money to my well orchestrated sales spin and blatant SCAMS. Bring your cheque book to Thailand and everything else you wish to loose.

I will be waiting !!!

Here is my new image ! (New UPDATE !!)

Admin said: “Shaun Stenning aka John Phanchalad , has filed a complaint against johnphanchalad.net via DMCA.com. It is my opinion that they’re trying to stop us from letting the world know that Shaun Stenning (the infamous scammer) is still alive and well. They are obviously threatened by our efforts to expose JP Digital Tech. Our intentions are to spread awareness of scam and scammers, they obviously are not happy about this. Please take this into consideration.”

Guys, the image profile of John Phanchalad at johnphanchalad.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/john-phanchalad-aka-shaun-stenning1-500×411.jpg is no longer available, but fortunately, if you want to know the latest image profile of John Phanchalad, you can find it an Pinterest, just search it with “John Phanchalad” words, thanks Janet !!

The image that showing Shaun Stenning and Alisa Phanchalad (image link under maintenance)

Shaun Stenning wife is Alisa (Sa/Lisa) Phanchalad, so JP Digital Tech owner is Shaun Stenning scammer – Image screenshot of Alisa Phanchalad registering the JP Digital Tech domain here (image link under maintenance)

See you in the next post, I will post the facts and more scams info about John Phanchalad, CEO JP Digital Tech, Shaun Stenning or even I heard John Stenning!!. BEWARE!!.

Here is the fact about Shaun Stenning with his new name, John Phanchalad.

John Phanchalad AKA Shaun Stenning, fact

John Phanchalad AKA Shaun Stenning, fact

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