The People Behind JP Digital Tech Online Marketing, Real or Fake?

By | November 12, 2013

John Phanchalad and JP Digital Tech is a new suspicious, and it seems is like a web scam online marketing program which has beenĀ  designed by Shaun Stenning, however you must know that they have made a mistake on their new scam brand, what is that? They are using fake people and not a real person behind JP Digital Tech. John Phanchalad (the new name of Shaun Stenning) who is now the leader of JP Digital Tech may be able to laugh at his current victims but not for long! They may be cheering to the wealth of money which they produced from the proceeds of fraud programs such as GeekVersity. But believe me, they have thousands of enemies who came from the victims of all this stolen money, I am one of those victims! One of so very many trapped by the scams and actions of John Phanchalad AKA Shaun Stenning.

They have stolen our money and of course they also stolen the trust and faith invested in the (so called) experts of the industry. Other victims who were in Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and many more probably dont know what they should do to reciprocate the acts of fraud which has been afflicted by Shaun Stenning, but we wanted to inform you guys dont worry too much, Shaun Stenning has taken our money but believe me that God and maybe some other victims will reply the Shaun Stenning scams and his actions!!!

We want to share about the facts and reality about the people behind JP Digital Tech. I would like to ask the supporters Shaun Stenning, why are you so stupid? Are you that DEVOID of human conscience to allow his scams to continue? Your site stinks of his thieving ways, JP Digital Tech is a joke and a scam. Even I could see what’s behind your scam site. JP Digital Tech services is a site that looks interesting for newbies, it offers online marketing services, speaks a lot of online jargon and impresses the reader in believing that yes, you can also make millions online. But the website admin looks less than creative and gives away some hints of who’s behind the BS.

John Phanchalad is Shaun Stenning, Steve M is actually Mark Stanley a U.S citizen thats on the run from The States with his coward father Steve Stanley, Ricky A is in fact Rick Gibson, an Australian born wanna be expert that is both finically and morally bankrupt. They are ALL in Thailand because they can’t or won’t re-enter there own countries for fear of persecution and being jailed for there crimes.

JP Digital Tech facts : real members photos and names!!

1. Sa/Lisa Phanchalad and Shaun Stenning AKA John Phanchalad
2. Matt Stenning and Dada Phanchalad and Rick Gibson
3. Shaun Stenning AKA John Phanchalad and Sa/Lisa Phanchalad

The latest Shaun Stenning (John Phanchalad) activity and photos links will available soon (Stenning uses DMCA to fight this web) , but he is now in Thailand, and managed JP Digital Tech site.. be careful brothers.

The People Behind JP Digital Tech VS The Real Online Marketing Site

Okay I will take a comparison for you which is an online marketing service that reliable, and which is a scam and fake:

Let take an example from this amazing online marketing site at :

(January 2014 – update: John Phanchalad / Stenning has reported us to the DMCA because we take the example image from their site (actually just over a screen shot), so we deleted the picture, but our Rusian friend said that they will help us to fight the scammers, thanks God !! )

Do you see the comparison? Yes we can easily find the difference between both of sites, I can find a lot of information on the site. We can see the photographs and the biographical data about the teams that are members of this website. Its a real service, its a trusted online marketing site.

Now we’ll see the people or team that supporting JP Digital Tech, do you feel safe if you have to use their service? I cant find their original member photos, even I cant find a clear biographical data regarding members of JP Digital Tech team.

It was a fatal mistake which is done by the John Phanchalad team of scammers. They cannot show their original photo because it’s all fake! Some time ago, John Phanchalad AKA Shaun Stenning may have deceived us, but once we realized that we had been deceived, we started to learn from these mistakes. And we now share this warning with YOU!

Hello John Phanchalad and JP Digital Tech teams, you seem that you want to cheat again, but you are too stupid to cheat us, your site shows that you are not worthy to be trusted, are you not satisfied enough to deceive us through Twitter Cash Machine and GeekVersity scam programs? Do you want to cheat others using your new JP Digital Tech scam program? I hope you quickly repent and return the money to the people that you stole.

JP Digital Tech (jpdigitaltechDOTcom) domain information.,

Registrant Name: Alisa Phanchalad
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: 1821 Moo5 Cherngtalay
Registrant City: Talang
Registrant State/Province: Phuket
Registrant Postal Code: 83110
Registrant Country: th
Admin Name: Alisa Phanchalad
Admin Organization:
Admin Street: 1821 Moo5 Cherngtalay
Admin City: Talang
Admin State/Province: Phuket
Admin Postal Code: 83110
Admin Country: th
Admin Phone: +66.0873874771
Admin Fax:
Admin Email:
Tech Name: Alisa Phanchalad
Tech Organization:
Tech Street: 1821 Moo5 Cherngtalay
Tech City: Talang
Tech State/Province: Phuket
Tech Postal Code: 83110
Tech Country: th
Tech Phone: +66.0873874771
Tech Fax:
Tech Email:

Lisa, Sa, Alisa is the same person, it’s Phanchalad family. So guys, do you want to try the fake online marketing service? Avoid scam guys!!.

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