The Negative Implications of Digital Technology on Online Business

By | November 23, 2013

Technological advances are inevitable, we live in a world where progress and change are perpetual. Digital technology specifically, is improving on a monthly basis. But are you aware of the negative implications digital technology? Specifically pertaining to people in the field of online business?

I recall a period a couple of years ago when online business was at the height of its popularity, where I too was a victim of such implications. A couple of years ago, I had several websites that were mostly about myself and my hobbies, I then had them successfully sponsored. But despite of my success, there were a couple of things that disappointed me.

The Negative Implications of Digital Technology

The Negative Implications of Digital Technology

It turned out that not all advertisers paid their dues to the publishers (me being one such publisher). Disclaimer: Don’t get me wrong, obviously not all advertisers are like the ones I’ve just described, in fact I’m quite sure that those are in the minority. We realize that there are many honest and hardworking advertisers out there, but the fact of the matter is that I did have some experiences dealing with those sorts of advertisers, and they were the ones that opened my eyes to deplorable practices of scams and fraud. The best way for us to defend ourselves against these despicable practices is to arm ourselves with sufficient knowledge on how these scumbags operate.

A prime example would be the scam perpetrated by John Phanchalad, who currently is the CEO of JP Digital Tech. Due to the rapid advances of digital technology, Shaun Stenning’s (John Phanchalad) name eventually became known to us, and he offered and promised numerous online business programs which would yield plentiful profits for us.

Due to our inexperience and lack of knowledge we eventually fell victim to Shaun Stenning and his bogus programs. We ended up losing our money and Stenning took down several of his personal blogs, including the one that sold us the program! You can read about our friend’s experience here. This is an example of the negative impact and implication of digital technology to online entrepreneurs.

Online technology also often creates confusion for online entrepreneurs, in terms of determining which advertisers are good advertisers, which programs are legit and so on. We must be ever cautious in deciding to commit to a program or scheme. Digital technology also affects the average Joe’s out there. If we look at Facebook for example, anyone can acquire our picture, personal info, and other pertinent data. This could potentially be extremely harmful, especially if the Facebook account is purposefully intended for business.

There are lots of benefits that we can take from digital technology, but we must remember to always be on a lookout for the negative impacts mentioned above. Digital technology isn’t only connected to the world of Internet, keep in mind that it’s also connected to things like gadgets, computers, cameras and so on. As a practitioner of digital technology and the internet, I urge you to remain watchful and to always exercise caution in dealing with the negative implications of digital technology.
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