John Phanchalad – Scams are Only as Dangerous as Their Artists

By | November 20, 2013

You might be wondering who the hell is this John Phanchalad bloke anyway? If you’re not familiar with both the name and the face, you might wanna read more about him on this article. On this occasion, let me just state that scams, frauds and other illegitimate programs designed to part you from your hard earned cash are only as dangerous as the scam artists themselves, with John Panchalad being a prime example. John Panchalad (formerly known as Shaun Stenning) is a seasoned scam artist as well as a pathological liar, and under his new alias he’s hard at work in earning your trust only to stab you in the back and stealing your money in the process.

Who the hell is Shaun Stenning you ask, well you can easily find that info out for yourself by typing in ‘Shaun Stenning’ in Google. Prepare yourself for a barrage of disgruntled ‘clients’ hurling every swear and curse word under the sun toward Shaun Stenning, exposing him for the lowlife con artist that he is.

Shaun Stenning/John Phanchalad is scam artis

Shaun Stenning/John Phanchalad is scam artis

I’ve seen my share of fraudulent programs on the internet ranging from money making programs, dating programs and even programs connected to digital technology such as Cellphone and computer sales scam and so on and so forth. One of the more ‘interesting’ thing I noticed about these type of people is that they’re usually very resourceful and possess a cockroach like resiliency and will utilize every trick up their sleeves in their never ending quest to rip you off.
In the 2009 – 2011 period, we often hear a lot about how a successful internet ‘entrepreneur’ by the name of Shaun Stenning, who held a number of seminars in various parts of the world; Malaysia and Thailand to name a few. He appeared to be genuinely successful and seemed intent on sharing his good fortune with the rest of us, but wait til you check out the following facts.

During the last days of his reign as the king of scam, Shaun Stenning finally got what’s coming to him. He received an enormous amount of complaints from disgruntled customers who felt that they were being scammed via Stenning’s fraudulent Twitter Cash Machine. It wasn’t long before Stenning decided to call it quits and went underground. Naturally, he also took his clients’ money along with him. His websites also went dead shortly after.

Needless to say this didn’t sit well with his victims. Some of his victims attempted to track down his whereabouts in order to get their money back with little success. Although some claimed to have gotten their money back, the majority of his victims aren’t as fortunate. At the beginning of 2013, I accidentally found out Stenning’s whereabouts. He now lives with his wife in Thailand under the name of John Panchalad, check out this twitter page screenshot.

scam artist - John Phanchalad AKA Shaun Stenning, fact

scam artist – John Phanchalad AKA Shaun Stenning, fact

If you’re one of the unfortunate victims of Shaun Stenning aka John Panchalad, you now have a place to start in getting your money back. I’ll share everything I know about the guy’s whereabouts on this article (Where is Shaun Stenning?).
Of course the bad news is that since he’s a compulsive liar and goddamn thief, he’s probably busy working on bigger and better ways to rip people off. I sincerely hope that his long list of victims won’t be updated anytime soon. As the title suggests, “Scams are only as dangerous as their artists,” once a thief always a thief, and that’s what pissed me off the most about these lowlives. There’s no reason to assume that he’s turned over a new leaf or that he’s left the life of a criminal behind him. Especially in light of the fact that he’s now established a new online marketing company by the name of JP Digital Tech. This new company is a testament to his cockroach like resilience.

He’s still at it folks. Still ripping people off, still stealing money and information for his own nefarious ends. This new company is no different than the kinds of programs he’s created in the past; Twitter Cash Machine and GeekVersity. Programs that have been proven as scams.
My intentions in writing this article is simple; whatever your impressions of JP Digital Tech may be, whatever you decide to do in regards to Stenning’s/Panchalad’s JP Digital Tech, exercise caution at all times! Given his track record, it would be wiser to always be on the safe side on this matter. John Panchalad / Shaun Stenning is a very dangerous individual, and I implore all internet marketer residing in Thailand to study Panchalad’s / Stenning’s footprints in Indonesia and Malaysia before deciding to join forces with him and his company. Don’t let the same thing happen to you. I found a great post about how to spot a con artists here.

If you’re a citizen of Thailand, or if you have any information regarding John Panchalad aka Shaun Stenning, please feel free to share what little info you have for the good of everyone. So, we at John Phanchalad dot net say, together let’s rid the world of scam artists and their deplorable programs!

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