The Crime of Scam and Its Program

By | November 6, 2013

Scam, scammer or scam program is extremely hated by many people, but unfortunately, most people do not know that there was a scam and its program. People who already know about the scam and its programs kinds is really hated scam, scam programs and scammers. The scammer are thieves of money, they rob your money in a smooth way and makes you not aware that you’re a victim. So, what is a scam and how it can work? Let’s look together the crime of the scam and its programs.

scam, scam program, scammer

scam, scam program, scammer

Just for your knowledge, for those of you who do not know 100% about what is a scam, you should read a great post about scam here : and also here :

The essence of the scam is cheating, yes scam will cheat all of us. The scam program usually runs alone also in the group. An example that is easy to understand is money scam program or an online business scam program, let’s take the example of an online advertising scam. If you ever make a website, then you put up a few ads on your site, then you should get paid right? So if it’s true, you are so lucky because there are so many scam programs that circulated on the internet, there are so many advertisers/programs who promised about payment after we put up their ads, but later they break their promises, they do not pay the money to us, it was painfully clear. After struggling and working to create a new website, then put some ads on your site, but the result is useless, you will hate them right? Okay it’s hurt, really hurt.

In addition, there are so many types of scam programs that it still circulates on the internet also in the real world. Let’s take another example, make money program using Twitter. There are some outstanding scam program that uses this method, they provide a picture and show the website that looks very professional, but you know what? When you pay for their programs, the money that you give to their scam bank is will not go back to you, this is one type of the scam that is often occurring.

The scammer is those who become perpetrators of fraud, scammer will usually disappear after their program was broken, their website will be sold and of course your money will gone forever. Let’s take an example from a young Australian man, Shaun Stenning. Shaun Stenning, yes do you ever heard about this scammer?. This guy scammed my country, Shaun Stenning and his scam programs looks succeed because he managed a lot of money through the program that he created. At the first time, this program does not show the crime signals, but after it runs for a whole time, his “make money online program” was getting a lot of complaints, a lot of people who feel tricked and even many who later became a hater of Shaun Stenning, what a reality.

Where is Shaun Stenning now? He was gone!!, A lot of people who do not know about the existence of this guy, but from the trusted sources that we have received, Shaun Stenning now lives in Thailand, he also changed his name to John Phanchalad he is CEO of JP Digital Tech. I also heard that now he used the name John Stenning, he and his new name also and his new programs will do anything to be in action again after the deception uncovered. Here are the facts about this guy.

Shaun Stenning scam facts

Shaun Stenning scam facts

So, if you never know about the program that you interested, you should be careful because scam, scammer and other crime will find you. Be smart and be a genius, stay away from the scam programs, the scammer and stay away from the crime of its evil.

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