JP Digital Tech Marketing Automation Service, Is It Possible?

By | December 3, 2013

As the latest incarnation of John Phanchalad (The scam artist formerly known as Shaun Stenning), JP Digital Tech offers an automation program (service) which they claim could automatically generate sales for you. From what we’ve been able to gather from their website, their so-called “Marketing Automation” program offers the convenience of soliciting customers and sales automatically.

JP Digital Tech marketing automation, is it possible?

JP Digital Tech marketing automation, is it possible? – image via demandlab

We’re not entirely sure on how this program is supposed to work as they didn’t really elaborate enough for us to draw some reasonable conclusions. However, let us ask you this; do you think it’s possible for us to solicit or acquire potential customers and sales automatically?

Keep in mind that each and every form of online businesses require time, effort and a dependable (as well as reasonable) system that holds everything together to be successful. An example, if you’re looking to promote and sell stuff online what are the steps available to you? Naturally, you would want to market and promote your merchandise through high traffic websites such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. The thing is, to the best of our knowledge, the process of automation is questionable at best. I mean sure there are some spam bot programs that you can use to promote your stuff online, but that method would not yield satisfactory results and it’s likely to hurt your business in the long run.

So it begs the question; does JP Digital Tech has a legitimate, reliable program to solicit and convert sales automatically? Our answer is a resounding ‘NO!’ Especially due to the fact that John Phanchalad is Shaun Stenning, the con artist who swindled his way to the top of internet infamy a couple of years back.

We are still somewhat traumatized by our encounter with Shaun Stenning’s fraudulent program. The system that was used then by John Phanchalad (Shaun Stenning) offered some similar characteristics to the one being offered now by JP Digital Tech. Are you familiar with the infamous Twitter Cash Machine and / or GeekVersity, courtesy of Shaun Stenning? Both programs offered an automation feature that seemed too good to be true. And as Shaun Stenning made himself scarce along with his clients’ money, the programs were soon deemed as scam.

Under the banner of JP Digital Tech, John Phanchalad is currently offering a similar service to the Twitter Cash Machine and GeekVersity. As stated on, if you received an offer that looks too good to be true, you have every right to be suspicious as there’s a high probability of it being a scam program ready to separate you from your money. And given the track record of Shaun Stenning’s illustrious “career” as a con artist, you best be wary of JP Digital Tech’s offer of “Marketing Automation.”

If you’re new to the world of online marketing, educate yourself on what an online con artist might look and sound like on the following:

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