JP Digital Tech at jpdigitaltechDOTcom – Beware of Scams

By | November 12, 2013

JP Digital Tech is a front only a website which is the image behind Shaun Stenning and that is now jpdigitaltechDOTcom, this site looks like a scam service and is a scam service, you ought to be careful. John Phanchalad is the CEO of this services, if you do not know who is John Phanchalad, you can read about this guy on this page. John Phanchalad is the new name of Shaun Stenning scammer, he founded the JP Digital Tech (jpdigitaltechDOTcom) to cheat again and again and again. Why do I dare to say this? This is because many people are informed that Shaun Stenning has moved to Thailand and yes.. John Phanchalad is located in Thailand, and they both have seemed to have married the same woman Sa Phanchalad. It’s a joke and this criminal must be stopped. Reports have come in that Shaun Stenning has changed his name to John Stenning also but mainly now goes by the name John Phanchalad. There is factual evidence  that John Phanchalad is Shaun Stenning, please note the great information from the image below

(Thanks to : Roy Thatcher Clark at @royclarkdesign, the link source for Shaun Stenning = John Phanchalad)

John Phanchalad = Shaun Stenning

John Phanchalad = Shaun Stenning

I do not know this person, but I am very grateful to him because he has given the information that is meaningful for us, this evidence can also help a lot of people from the Stenning and JP Digital Tech scam trap, so please do not be fooled by John Phanchalad and his friends, including Mark Stanley.

Let’s go back to the main topic, but I want to ask you first. If you find a site which offers services to you, what do you typically see in these sites? The people behind the service!  Like the other scam sites, JP Digital Tech at jpdigitaltechDOTcom do not provide the information about who they are, even if we could find the information on it, who is behind this site? Do you believe this service site if the information is displayed as shown below?

(JP Digital Tech screenshot image was removed, but Sharon our Russian friend will help us about it!!, thanks Sharon)

Where are their pictures? Why they don’t show their real photo? Why they don’t show their real face? If you are a smart and an intelligent person, you will definitely suspicious about all of these things.

Almost like another scam sites and fronts for various scams, jpdigitaltechDOTcom also does not provide a complete explanation of the services that they offer and also do not provide warranty information, Wow.

The most important point of this post is, if you want to visit JP Digital Tech website, then I just want to say, beware scams, be careful! Do not be fooled, do not let your money vanish in vain! Do you know the scary story about the Twitter Cash Machine which was one of tens of scams managed by Shaun Stenning AKA John Phanchalad? Perfect, this program stole from a lot of people!, You can read more about this scary story on victim report here, Twitter Cash Machine SCAM.

So, are you still wanting to use the services of JP Digital Tech ? If I were you, I would look for other service providers that are more professional and have never been involved in illegal matters, and of course certainly not choose services which chaired by a scammer!.

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