How to Avoid Online Scammers and Incriminate Them

By | November 28, 2013
avoid scammers

avoid scammers

Avoiding online scammers are sometimes difficult, it’s not just about how to avoid them, but also how difficult it is to incriminate them. There are various reasons as to why this is so, but ultimately the main cause is that the online world is a virtual world, and generally most countries do not have sufficient legal protection for internet users. This is the main reason why scammers are undeterred in carrying out their reprehensible programs in ripping people off.

This article aims to raise awareness of “what constitutes an online scammer?” In other words; what makes a scammer looks like a scammer? How to avoid their clutches and how to help others escape their lies and deceit. Please note that we are not an expert on scam, what we’re showing here is based on our very limited experience as a victim of online scam. So please understand if there are some shortcomings present here. We will, however, do our utmost to explain the steps you can take to avoid scammers and their programs.

Online scammers naturally utilize internet. Virtually everyone uses the internet nowadays. It is the largest online media in existence today and a lot of people are harnessing it for their digital needs. Scammers are of course aware that there are numerous loopholes to be exploited. The following are options that we can take to avoid scammers and incriminate them.

First, study their programs. If they are seemingly deceptive, call the police immediately or send a report through the web detailing the scam. Never disclose your personal data to the public, as your data is an asset for scammers. They will attempt to make contact with you. If your data has been disclosed, you will receive a lot of questionable things. For example, getting an email from someone you don’t know. Let’s take an email scam as an example. Scammers would send you an email containing offers, free prizes, or a ridiculously attractive offer. If you are smart, you would of course read and study their offers carefully and avoid making any uninformed decisions. But unfortunately, many people are still highly susceptible to deception. When scammers send them fraudulent email, they usually fall for it and comply with everything that is in the email.

Another example; you get an offer from a money maker program. They offer you a large sum of money without any significant effort on your part, just invest your money and get rich instantly. They caught your attention, you send money to their account. And when the time comes for you to reap your rewards, you find that you can’t login to the site and there’s no way for you to contact them. Viola you have lost your money! It’s as simple as that, here is the online scam case sample.
Essentially, what you need to do is to arm yourself with knowledge so you wouldn’t easily fall prey to these types of ‘get rich quick’ schemes. There’s an abundance of these programs floating around on the internet, so don’t trust scam and spam activities!. Bottom line; scam programs can take many forms. Among them are gifting programs, below average cost for certain products. They are some of the forms utilized by scammers, you should avoid them and immediately block their email address! Additionally, you can report them to following:

1 . ( UK )
2 .
3 . ( Australia )

In addition, before deciding to commit to an online program, you should first find out everything you can about who you’re dealing with. At the very least, you should ask them for their phone number and confirm whether the number is valid or not. Last but not least, ask if you can make any kind of payments via wire? If they refuse and insist on choosing an online payment method such as PayPal, you have every reason to be suspicious. Payments via wire are generally safer and are easier to track than online payment methods.

So guys, please do not disclose your important data on the internet. Properly identify anyone who would do transactions with you. Find out how they’re able to track you (email/mobile phone). Check whether the programs being offered are legit or fake. Be smart, always consult the mighty Google first! Never ever send money to anyone before making sure you’ve done all you can to understand all the details of the programs being offered. If you’re one of the unfortunate victim of scam, immediately file a report case to the authorities. Remember to do it quickly as every second you waste increases the possibility of them deceiving others. You can also report fraud scammers through scam defender website, check out the links above. That’s the easiest way to avoid scammers and how to incriminate them. Here is another great article on how to avoid online scams: . Thanks

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